One major issue which clouds the minds of aspiring college students is, " Is the dorm Im going to live in Co-ed?"

A sampling of conversations heard inside dorm rooms:

Co-ed by room dorm:
Roomie 1:" Dude, we are sooo gonna get laid!"
Roomie 2: " Yeah dude!" (roomies high five)

Co-ed by floor dorm:
Roomie 1: " Dude, we are so gonna get laaaaaiiidd!"
Roomie 2: " Yeah dude! We just have to sneak upstairs and crawl past the RA's room during quiet hours…….but we are SO getting laid!" (roomies high five)

All male dorm:
Roomie 1: "Dude this sucks."
Roomie 2: "Nah dude, we are SO getting laid!"
Roomie 1:" Dude why are your pants off?"(roomies are awkward for the rest of the semester)