Just answer the questions below to see if you could escape the mighty jaws of a grizzly bear, or if you'd be mauled to death by his claws!

Where are you from?
I'm a city slicker through and through (0 points)
I rock the suburbs, just like Quiet Riot did (1 point)
I was raised by a farm (2 points)
I grew up in the mountains, in a region with plenty of deciduous forests and streams (3 points)

Have you ever been camping?
No way (0 points)
My friends and I once stayed in a drive up campsite and got hammered (1 point)
Yes, it's fun to do once in a while (2 points)
I would live in a tent in the woods if I could (3 points)

About how fast can you run? (pick the closest answer)
I have some form of handicap (-1 points)
7 mph (0 points)
10 mph (0 points)
11 mph or more (0 points)

Describe your beard:
I'm a girl and cannot grow facial hair (0 points)
Clean shavin, footloose and fancy-free (1 point)
Just enough stubble to make me look rugged (2 points)
It is long and thick, like the beard of a sailor who hasn't been to port in many months (3 points)

On the average day, the closest thing to a weapon you carry is:
Switchblade comb (0 points)
Fists (1 point)
Pencil, recently sharpened (2 points)
Hunting knife (3 points)

When faced with a life or death situation, you instinctively:
Flee (0 points)
Cry (1 point)
Punch (2 points)
Bang on pots and pans, yell, and wave your arms around to look big (3 points)