So let's get this out of the way: this week Heath Ledger, a seriously talented and hot dude, died at the age of 28. The cause of death is currently unknown and won't be clear until autopsy reports come in 2 weeks. There were NO illegal drugs found in his apartment, no coke on that rolled $20 bill, and no pills strewn around his body. The man has a 2-year old daughter and lots of people who love him. So they'll be no Heath-bashing here! If you have something mean to say about the guy, direct it at me instead. I cant take it! [WWTDD]

Whew! In lighter, sluttier news:

Here are some topless and bikini pics of Kim Kardashian! And HERE are some more! [Egotastic/HollywoodTuna]

Britney freaked out and bailed on court again this week, and then did something freakier – whipping out one of her multiple personalities after inviting some paparazzi over to hang out with her. You'd think all her personalities could just be friends with each other. [WWTDD]

Here's my fave Britney personality: the one who wears a see-through shirt with NO bra. [IDLYITW]

Tony Romo has maybe, sorta dumped Jessica Simpson, proving that he while may currently suck at tossing a football, he's great at getting rid of trash. [Celebslam]

OMG! Leaked pics of Miley Cyrus in a bikini and hanging with her 10-year old gal pals! Look at them and feel creepy! [Celebslam]

In happier news, Amy Winehouse got caught smoking crack this week, and her brain-killing was all caught on tape. Even better news: today she left for rehab. Hopefully she'll come back sober and free of that meth-face she's been lugging around for a year. [IDLYITW/DListed]

Tori Spelling is pregnant again. We're sorry, future Spelling baby. Enjoy that nose job for your 16th birthday. [DListed]

RIP Heath.