In this week's episode of "The Vowels", E gets in a pickle! How is she gonna get out of this one?!

(E carefully opens the door and sneaks in the house. As soon as she shuts the door, the lights turn on to reveal A sitting on the couch waiting for her)

A: Where have you been?

E: Don't worry about it dad…(tries to walk upstairs)

A: You stay right where you are young lady! Where were you ,huh? Out with numbers? I bet you were at a number party weren't you?

E: No I wasn't dad just leave me alone!

A: Then how do you explain this bag of equals signs and exponents I found in your room?

E: Those aren't mine..

A: Likely story, where did you get them from? X? I bet you got 'em from X didn't you! I knew that little punk was a creep when I met hi-

E: I didn't get them from him!

A: Well where did they come from then?

E: M and C gave them to me…

A: Oh my god! M and C! Are you equationally active?

O: What's all the ruckus about down here?

A: Your daughter is equationally active!

O: Oh my god E you can't be serious!

E: I don't see what the big deal is! So I E=MC^2 every once in a while, so what?

A: What's the big deal? WHATS THE BIG DEAL? Do you remember what happened to your brother I when he became equationally active? He got involved with square roots and negative signs and became an imaginary number for pete's sake!

O: Why can't you learn from your sister U? She was never equationally active and now she's working in text messaging as a whole word!

E: I don't want U's life! I want to be me! I wan't to be E!

Y: Hey neighbors! Just heard some shouting over here and I thought I'd check things out an-


Y: My bad ( walks out)

Next week on "The Vowels", O takes E to the clinic to test for inequalities…