We must first start with Herr Schindler. See…it's kind of confusing really. Do you cast Liam Neeson again, a different human, or do you cast Kermit? I really think Kermit could do a good job. His acting ability nears Neeson's in excellence.

I think it is obvious that Skeeter as Itzhak Stern. He really hasn't had a chance to show off his acting ability in a Muppet movie yet, and I think that Itzhak Stern is really the character that he is meant to portray.

Amon Goeth should become the Goeth Brothers and be played by Statler & Waldorf. They were really mean to the Muppets just like how the Nazis were mean to the Jews.

I think that every Jewish victim should be played by Fozzie Bear. I know, you say "Why not Rizzo and his rat pals?" To say that would be racist and imply that Jewish people are like Rats. No one could do that and have their work critically acclaimed unless their name was Art Spiegelman. I think that Fozzie Bear is a much better fit. With CGI, Fozzie Bear could portray all the different Jewish people. Of course, he would wear a different hat for every character. To think otherwise is silly.

Think about it, it makes sense. Fozzie pissed off Statler and Waldorf the most. Fozzie tells bad jokes and then shows a lot of self pity. Fozzie is the perfect for this role(s).

Sure, this casting leaves out a lot of the Muppets, but I think there was a piano player in one scene. Boom! Rowlf. Gonzo could narrate and interject humor into the situation like in "The Muppet's Christmas Carol." Maybe he would play "Steven Spielberg." Ms. Piggie would play Schindler's wife. Bean Bunny? Girl in the red coat. Sam Eagle? American GI. Was there an American GI in this movie? There should have been.

Of course there will be musical numbers as no Muppet movie is complete without them. Just change "Scrooge" from"Christmas Carol" to "Goethe" and the cabin fever song from "TreaureIsland" to "Campin' Fever." It's gold. GOLD.

Don't even tell me that this doesn't sound great. I'm taking this idea to Hollywood as soon as I can, and you will love it. Oh don't be offended, you know it would teach the children about how horrible Statler and Waldorf are. And that's the real message of "Schindler's List."