Just answer the questions below to see if you're going to heaven when you die, or if you'll spend eternity somewhere that smells like farts!

Are you religious?
I go to church every day or at least once a week (0 points)
I often meditate and I'm like this close to achieving inner peace (1 point)
Not really, but I like presents (2 points)
I worship two gods, boobies and budweiser (3 points)

Have you ever participated in any charitable events?
All the time, but I always feel like I could be doing more (0 points)
I loooove Girl Scout cookies, that money goes to charity right? (1 point)
I always help a hot girl in need if she doesn't have a serious boyfriend, or if she does and they're fighting (2 points)
Of course, the school requires every greek organization to do two f*ckin charity things a semester (3 points)

If you saw an old, blind, crippled lady trying to cross the street, you would:
Throw her over my shoulder and carry her safely to her house (0 points)
Ask her if she needed any assistance with her road problem (1 point)
Just watch. Survival of the fittest, better she gets hit by a car than reproduces and makes more blind, old, crippled children (2 points)
Help her because maybe she'll give me a reward (3 points)

Have you ever dabbled in devil worship, or witchcraft?
Gross, no way! (0 points)
I have some Black Sabbath mp3s, but only the hits (1 point)
I was way into Marilyn Manson back in middle school (2 points)
I'd sell my soul for some chicken wings right now (3 points)

Describe the walls in your room:
Pretty bare (0 points)
I have some sweet blacklight posters and M.C. Escher stuff (1 point)
Typical college stuff, like a poster of a guy wearing a shirt that says college (2 points)
There are posters of girls but you can't even see them behind our beeramid, and our beer-mas tree which we haven't taken down yet (3 points)

If you had to pick one person who was God, who do you think it would be?
God is God, duh (0 points)
Everything. You, me, trees, Reece's peanut butter cups, just everything man (1 point)
I don't know. I don't have an answer (2 points)
Will Ferrell (3 points)