This week, my guest is Colin Formanek. A few months ago Colin, under the user name "Skine," left a really funny comment comparing Mario 2 to Indiana Jones.

TALKING POINT: Now that we've had a few months to digest them, what's the better value for $170?
Rock Band, or Guitar Hero III and $70 worth of pizza

Jeff: I think the answer is, obviously, it depends on the kind of pizza.

Colin: If it's Dominoes then it's no contest. Rock Band. However if you do go Guitar Hero III,do you get $70 worth of pizza, or four pies and a second controller?

: I didn't even consider that there were still people who don't already have at least one guitar controller. I mean we're on the third Guitar Hero already people, get with it. Ugh.

Colin: Yeah, but do you think co-op and battle are worth four to six pizzas, depending on the establishment?

Jeff: That battle mode isn't even worth an Oreo pizza. You should prevail by being better at guitar, not by sabotaging your opponent.

Colin: I still get killed by the Whammy every time.

Jeff: You and every Press Your Luck contestant. Rock Band and Guitar Hero III look similar on the surface, but they really are for different types of people. About a third of the songs in Guitar Hero III are harder than the hardest song in Rock Band. Guitar Hero III is for the people that want to push themselves and master difficult guitar work. Rock Band is mostly for drunks who want to have fun.

Colin:That said, you can't eat a drum set no matter how hungry you are.

Jeff:Whatever you do, don't buy a mini-pizza and put it in your 360. It seems like the best of both worlds and sure, you'll save money in the short run, but trust me: it's not worth it.

TALKING POINT: EA recently announced Battlefield Heroes, an ad-supported extension of their Battlefield franchise that will be given away for free. Is there such a thing as a good, free game?

Colin: You mean besides Minesweeper,right?

: Minesweeper just costs you time. This sounds much better than EA's first try at an ad-supported game, Battlefield Pepsi.

Colin: It sounds like they are doing things right. The advertisements don't come up in-game, only during menus and loading. The last thing I want is to have a playable Sears level, or McDonald's stickers on the side of my gun.

Jeff: You'll also be able to buy new clothes for your character with real money, though the difference will be purely aesthetic. Except that I'm going to be wearing such a fly hat on the battlefield, everyone's going to freeze. That's when I pwn them.

Colin:You've been pwned by a grue, drink more Mountain Dew Game Fuel.

Jeff: Even high-profile PC games, like Unreal Tournament #whatever they are up to and Crysis, haven't sold well lately. I applaud EA for trying something new.

Colin: Online gaming is no longer exclusive to the PCs, thanks mostly to Halo.

Jeff: They seem to be going for something more accessible – their own press release says it will have less strategy. The gaming audience isincreasingly broad, and this might be a good gateway shooter before you get them hooked on Call of Duty 4.

Colin: With Battlefield Heroes moving to free, what other games can we expect to see in the near future?

Jeff: Halo Jr.?

Colin:There's talk of a free, ad-supported version of Madden.

Jeff: I'm going to need DVR for my 360 soon.

TALKING POINT: Ten years ago, Sega's Sonic and Knuckles represented the pinnacle of mankind's achievements. Its "lock-on" technology allowed you to play as a new character, Knuckles, in older Sonic games. What other new characters should travel back to old games?

: They should remix all those 90's side scrolling beat 'em ups. Haggarfrom Final Fight in Golden Axe. Captain Commando in the 6-player X-men game. The Ninja Turtles from Turtles in Time in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game. They all have the same controls, anyway.

Colin:How about a Mortal Kombat DVD that "locks on" to a Smash Brothers DVD and lets Raiden fight Donkey Kong. So Smash Brothers vs Mortal Kombatvs. Capcom.

Jeff: I'd like to put Raiden the god of thunder in Raiden the too-hardshoot 'em up. Also, I think I once had a dream where PaRappa the Rappa was in Def Jam Vendetta.

Colin:Alright, now if you could take only one powerup from Mario Galaxy into the 2D Mario universe, which one would it be? I'd take the Boo mushroom.

Jeff: I'd take the mega-mushroom that makes you enormous from New Super Mario Bros on the DS. Though I fear using it on a console might make Mario too big and break my TV.

Colin:I would love to take Master Chief back to the 8-bit world and finish off Bowser.

Jeff: But would doing so erase the Super Mario 64 from existence? These are the things you have to consider. The amazing thing is that the tools to make this stuff are out there now. Someone actually did the opposite and brought Halo into the world of Mario. It's part of a larger project called Super Mario Fusion that has Mario traveling through the worlds of Halo, Doom, and Mega Man. You can actually download and play with it here. We no longer have to dream!

Colin:I guess two buttons wouldn't have been enough for Master Chief anyway, he has at least four ways to kill a Goomba.