Just answer the questions below to see if you could be king of the hobos, or if you'd die in the gutter choking on your own vomit!

Where do you live now?
I'm a commuter, I still live with my parents (0 points)
I have a sweet off campus house or apartment (1 point)
Dorm living is the place for me (2 points)
I just sleep on different friends' couches every night and keep all my stuff in my car (3 points)

When you eat in the cafeteria you:
Hit up the salad bar, it's the only thing that isn't loaded with sodium (0 points)
Eat a hamburger no matter what else they're serving (1 point)
Hang out until I'm hungry again so I get two meals for the price of one (2 points)
Fill tupperwares with cereal and meatloaf for later (3 points)

Do you have any special talents that might make people want to give you money?
I have lots of nice clothes and I'm very polite (0 points)
I'm great at writing on cardboard (1 point)
I can juggle (2 points)
I can play all the instruments. Jew's harp, gut bucket, wash board, you name it I can play Hot Cross Buns on it (3 points)

How many times a year do you wake up somewhere strange with no recollection of how you got there?
Never ever (0 points)
A couple times, just the big holidays (1 point)
It averages out to once a week (2 points)
At least once a day, depending on how much hooch I can get my hands on (3 points)

When going on vacation, you bring:
As many suitcases as I can. I need to be prepared for any dress code, from casual to ballroom gala attire with everything in between (0 points)
A couple duffel bags (1 point)
I could live forever out of a big back pack (2 points)
If it doesn't fit in a handkerchief on a stick then it ain't worth bringin' (3 points)

Which of these things can't you live without?
TV, Internet, cell phone (0 points)
Bed, heat, refrigerator (1 point)
Hot food, shower, roof (2 points)
Whiskey, soup, refrigerator box (3 points)

Have you ever considered trading it all to spend the rest of your life riding freight trains around the country in search of work and hand-outs?
No (0 points)
I'm not sure that's still a viable option in our futuristic society (1 point)
I've thought about it (2 points)
Yes, and I already have a hobo name picked out (3 points)