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One of the girls I live with basically parties four nights a week at our house until late in the night. Even during finals week when all I want to do is sleep. Today I got diagnosed with mono and to try and give her a taste of her own medicine, I spit on all of her tooth brushes as soon as I got home. Now she'll have to appreciate sleep as much as I do.
Katherine, University of Michigan

Reading the roommate confession about the cat reminded me of something particularly bad I did to a neighbor in college. We lived in a duplex and the other side of the house was filled with hippies. I got used to going to sleep to the sound of Phish and the Grateful Dead but sh*t hit the fan when they brought home a homeless dog one day. This dog would sh*t and piss in our mutually shared lawn and they would never clean it up. The landlord and I both would complain about this dog destroying the lawn when he finally made a proposition to me. He would give me one free month of rent if I got rid of the dog. So I drove the dog out to farm country and dropped him off and drove away. After a few weeks of posting signs all over the neighborhood they quickly forgot about the dog and moved on. I collected my free rent and finally got to enjoy my yard again.
Josh, SCSU

During my freshman year I finally got a text messaging package with my cell service, but no picture messages were included. My douchebag of a roommate would, for no reason other than to piss me off and raise my bill, send me pointless picture messages – about 5 or so per day. So over the course of about a month, while watching late night TV I would write down the subscription info for every dating/psychic/ringtone text service imaginable (the ones that carry daily/monthly charges ON TOP OF the actual messages they send you). While he left his phone on the charger in our room, I managed to activate no fewer than 25 subscriptions. Needless to say, his bill was outrageous.
Marc, School Not Given

Sometimes when I get home from the gym and realize your not home, I rest my nuts on the doorknob to your room to cool them down.
Chris, School Not Given

I really hated my room mate freshmen year. He would eat all my food and play my Xbox all day with "his boys". Not to mention the fact that he would wake me up in the middle of the night, ask me to leave so he could get busy with ugly chicks. So I finally got fed up and needed to retaliate. He was rushing a fraternity at the time and I knew how important it was to him because he told me about it every night. He left one weekend for one of his final tasks to join, I noticed that he took one of my bed sheets to use as a toga and then knew what had to be done. I got my hands on one of those 36 hour erectile dis function pills, ground it into a powder, mixed it with some tap water and using an insulin needle purchased at wal-mart, I injected it discreetly into an inviting bottle of vitamin water residing in my mini fridge. Sure enough he took the drink with him before he left for the weekend. I am still unsure exactly what happened that weekend, but I do know that he didn't make it in the fraternity, his boys stopped calling him and he didn't steal any food or drinks from me ever again.
B-Bice, Montana St. U

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