Dear Aunt Sallie Mae,

Hi, it's your nephew Steve again! I'm sorry it's been awhile since I've written, I've just been busy with classes and stuff. I hope you got my Hoops and YoYo eChristmas card thanking you for the money you keep sending for my education. Without it I would be working the late shift at Denny's telling customers I'm "working to go back to school" so they'd tip me well, but inside I'd know I would never live out my dreams and would spend most of my life working towards Night Manager. You wouldn't believe how much books cost these days!

Anyway, I wanted to ask you about some e-mails you've been sending recently…something about paying you back for everything you've done after I graduate? Plus interest? I fear you have misunderstood my only contacting you when I need money for taking you for granted, and I want you to know my appreciation as stated above is genuine. I hope one day to return the favor you've done for me, or if it is your wish pay it forward to some aspiring young person in the family, but I don't foresee me being able to pay you back monetarily anytime soon. You see, the entry level positions in my field don't pay much, and I'll be lucky to cover rent, bills, and a diet of Easy Mac and Ramen noodles and Shasta for the next year or two. To be honest, I was actually going to see if you could help me out with a couple grand here and there to get me started—but we can talk about that later.

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit this, and it's my fault for not finding out sooner, but I'm not even sure exactly how we are related. I just assumed you were my grandfather's wealthy aunt, once removed, on my dad's side. At the big family gatherings I just hug all my aunts in case one of them is you, so next time please introduce yourself so I can thank you in person. Tell Uncle Stafford hello for me and I hope to speak with you soon.

Sincerely Yours,
Your Loving Nephew Steve