I sipped delicately and immediately noticed a subtle but vibrant rush of mango cascading into my mouth. I took another sip and felt the pulse of the Earth rise and then slow to a low vibration. I looked out towards the sea and saw a rush of souls rising out of it, racing towards the heavens. Fish and man alike, soaring above the deep blue to dance with each other in eternity. I must join them. I released the glass bottle, but it did not smash into pieces; rather, it became one with the floor, just like we are all one with each other. I leaped into the sky and joined my brothers. We are whole.

Rating: happiness/5

The tangy citrus reached my taste buds before I had even opened the bottle. The juice pressed against the glass walls, as if screaming to be released. A crack forms down the side of the bottle. I quickly opened the cap and a jet of lemon and orange slammed into my open mouth, almost choking me as it rushed down my throat. The juice took effect immediately: my heart began pumping at an undesirable speed, my muscles yearned to exert tremendous force. I felt my blood vessels start to rupture under the immense pressure, but then my very molecules began to race. The bottle I was holding melted in my hand. I watched the molecules in my fingers tear away from my hand. As I sat in horror as my forearms began abandoning me for the space of my living room, I felt like I could have run one, maybe two miles without having to stop in between.

Rating: 3/5

"Cherry Citrus" the bottle read, but I knew the flavor. "Kingmaker" would be a more appropriate moniker, but it's hard to read the bottle after I smashed it against a large man's head. His blood boiled as it rose to the surface of his scalp, and he dropped to the ground. I knew he would. A smile cut across my face as his friends approached me, fists raised. I don't know how many I sliced into and brought to their knees, but the police said it was around eight or nine. It does not matter; this cell cannot hold me. My cellmates cower in the corner, praying I will spare them. I might yet. I might yet.

Rating: 5/5

I don't know if it was the fruit punch or my bleeding gums that left the red stain on my carpet. I did not care. I placed the mouth of the bottle between my teeth and sucked the rest of the juice straight out. Placing the bottle between my hands, I squeezed and turned it to a fine powder with ease. Pitiful earthly creations. They are a wall of toothpicks to impede me from claiming my rightful throne. Electricity flows between my fingers and I laugh as I melt pedestrians their stinking flesh puddles splashing at my feet these buildings are now dust I WALK AMONG THE TITANS AS THOSE OF THIS PLANET SCREAM FOR A MERCY THEY WILL NEVER EXPERIENCE FOR EVEN THE MOUNTAINS ARE CRYING IN MY WAKE CHRIST HIMSELF CANNOT BRING ME TO SLOW MY DEVASTATION

Rating: I AM GOD/5

Green Tea
Kind of bland. I'm really not a tea person, but nonetheless this is really not hitting the spot. But it does have 100% of my daily value of vitamin C, so it can't be all bad. I think I can taste a hint of ginseng, but I really hoped there would have been more.

Rating: 1.5/5