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Note: The last one is pretty gross. I warned you.

My roommate this semester is a royal pain in the ass. To start, he always has his pregnant girlfriend over and I am constantly having to deal with her sh*t about how my room is messier than his side. Then, as if this wasn't bad enough, he has a loud-ass speaker system and is CONSTANTLY blasting his favorite band, Nickleback. About a week ago, I decided that I had had enough. I went online and found a website that sent out free abortion clinic information and got them mailed to his room, and his girlfriend's room.
Mike, School Not Given

My roomate got so drunk one weekend, he ordered $60 bucks worth of boneless wings for us and our buddies. Well, the next weekend, we wanted to buy wings again, but we didn't want to have to pay for them. My roomate wasn't drinking that much though, so we convinced him to do some shots with us. He couldn't understand how we kept on doing shot after shot with no problem, while he was struggling and getting wasted. What he didn't know was that we were doing shots of beer, while he was doing shots of whiskey. He got so drunk as soon as we mentioned wings, he offered to buy again. Well, while he was on the phone i was watching him read every single number on his credit card wrong, because he was seeing triple. I had to take his credit card and his phone away from him, and order them myself. On top of that, when the wings finally came we took them all into another dorm room, and ate them all without giving him any. The next day when he rememered ordering the wings, but not eating them we convinced him he had ate more than anybody, but must have been too drunk to remember.
Mike, Uconn

I was living in a 4 bedroom house with 2 normal college guys and 1 psychotic roommate. (For an example of his craziness, he has a theory of how Jews brainwash us all and are set for world domination). Me and the sane roommates decide to throw a party, in which he decides to try and hook up with my other roommates sister. She denies him, he calls her a bitch, and we have roommates fighting. Crazy roommate throws a panini maker at sane roommate. Sane roommate hits him with a PLASTIC CUP and all of a sudden he has to go to the hospital. While I'm driving him he's crying on the phone to his mom, and I'm laughing so hard I almost ran a stopsign. Good times.
Alex, Appalachian State

While my roommate was grabbing lunch in the dining hall, I put squirrel roadkill in his trapper keeper. I was in his next class. When we sat down I said I had to use the bathroom and secretly waited in the back of the lecture hall for him to open his notebook. Man I wish I had a video camera, he jumped out of his seat when opened his notebook and the girl sitting next to him shrieked and then puked on her desk. When he saw me pointing and laughing he grabbed his stuff chased me all the way back to our room.
Matt, The University of Chicago

My roommate is always bringing random guys home and just does them with me right below her on the bottom bunk which is really un-lady like. Sometimes I hear her saying nasty stuff about me mid climax, for example "make me scream so that ugly bitch who sleeps below me can hear it!" She's on the softball team at my school. So to get her back I was masterbating and all this thick yellow discharge was coming out, and I put the back end of her metal bat inside of me so it got all greased up. Then I put it in her equipment bag and shook everything around. I hope she struck out a lot during practice because of her bat sliding out of her hands!
Ellie P, Hamilton College