This week Fearless leader with a horseshoe, CIA microphone, and entire rabbit on a chain shoved up his ass, stepped down as president of Cuba and joins the ranks of powerful men with beards that dot our worlds history.
Why do you think Jesus Christ was so popular?
Cause … cause of all the magic tricks?

No stupid.
From Chewbacca, Thor, South American Revolutionaries, Chuck Noris, and Lincoln. Beards have created legends outta otherwise average, maybe mediocre men around the world. But why has facial hair of all things been such a driving force for power?

Humans are history's hairless apes; we've been trying to evolve as far away from hair as fast as our knuckles could drag us for millions of years. All so we could strut around all smug and cocky like in front of our hairy cousins who dot Revlon lab table around the world. While they sit there in diapers picking lice out of each others fur, dying inside and regretting the day they ever dared race man to space.

In the end, it doesn't matter why facial hair has bestowed so much power to men, and sometimes women, in our countries, cults and cultures around the world.. All you little people without them have to worry about is which furry face you're going to swim away from on a door. Before we all come get you..