The Stupid Question Hall of Fame is back again, ready to embarrass the kids who cheapen your degree. Remember the rules – If you send in the absolute stupidest, you get a free BustedTee. Read all five and cast your vote. And, if you heard something stupid in class this week, send it to me at

The Nominees
  • A) Boston UniversitySubmitted by Vinny

    Professor changes to slide that shows the quote: "Talk is cheap. Supply exceeds Demand." [Anonymous]

    Champion of the Front Row: Who is Anonymous?

  • B) Ithaca CollegeSubmitted by Alex

    While talking about the possibility of the Buffalo Bills moving to Toronto.

    Genius: If the Bills moved to Toronto would the still be called the Buffalo Bills?

    Teacher: Um….no

  • C) Texas Christian UniversitySubmitted by Jordan

    Professor: So because of the Dead Sea Scrolls, we know that the Bible has been essentially unchanged for thousands of years.

    The Brilliance: So, what exactly do Dead Sea Squirrels have to do with the bible?

  • D) Portland State UniversitySubmitted by Jason

    When the professor was referring to the crosswalks that beep so blind people know to walk…

    Einstein Jr.: How does it know when the person is blind?

  • E) Arizona State UniversitySubmitted by Greg

    20 minutes into a test where a scantron was passed out with the tests

    Valedictorian: Does anyone have an extra scantron?

    Confounded Professor: You need another?

    Valedictorian: I didn't know we were supposed to bring one.

    Professor: They were passed out with the test.


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