Watch out, seniors! As you start sending out those sharp, crisp, semi-truthful resumes, remember that even the guys in HR are on "The Facebook" today and might be checking out your profile before that big interview. What does it say about you?

Travis Speiller
444 Ehringhaus South Dormitory

Facebook Group Affilliations:

"F.I.N.A.L.S" (F*ck, I Never Actually Learned this Stuff)
joined: October 2006
- I'm a lazy putz who will put any work you give me off for as long as I can.

"Screw the morning! I hate getting out of bed!"

joined: November 2006
- I will always be late to work. Always.
- I have a serious substance abuse problem.

"I picked a major I like and will one day be living in a box"

joined: December 2007
- I'm a directionless sap waiting for someone else to figure out my life.
- I never had the stones to suck it up and take a few friggin' math classes.

"I talk to my roommate on AIM even though he/she is sitting right next to me"

joined: December 2007
– Your I.T. guys better lock my computer down, because, well, I clearly like dicking off on AIM.

"Chuck Norris does not sleep…He Waits"

joined: January 2008
- Wait, there's no way I'm just joining this group, is there? Yep, right there, Jan '08.
- If I suck at life, I'll probably suck at this job.

"Finish your beer, there are sober kids in Africa"

joined: February 2008
- I'm a prick.
- I absolutely have a serious substance abuse problem.

"Graduating in 4 years is like leaving the party at 10:30!"

joined: March 2008
– I convinced the school psychologist I was batshit crazy one semester so I could drop all my classes without failing out.


Professor Tigole Bitties, Chair, Sexuality Studies Department
Barack Obama