Just answer the questions below to find out if you're going to the ER for a gunshot wound, or something boring like meningitis!

How cautious are you about germs?
I carry hand sanitizer with me and use it often (0 points)
I try to be clean, but I don't let it run my life (1 point)
I don't have a problem letting someone have a bite of my food or drink from the same glass (2 points)
I'll eat food I find in the garbage. I don't give a sh*t (3 points)

What do you do when you're not feeling well?
I go to a real doctor (0 points)
I go to the health center (1 point)
Tough it out (2 points)
Drink until I feel better (3 points)

How often do you exercise?
I go to the gym all the time, I'm in the best shape of my life (0 points)
I intentionally exercise a couple times a week to once in a while (1 point)
I'll play outside sometimes if it's not cold, but no formal workout routine (2 points)
I don't exercise. That's boring (3 points)

When it's crappy and rainy out, you generally:
Use it as an excuse to stay in and study (0 points)
Complain and go about your normal routine (1 point)
Use it as an excuse to skip class, then go about your normal routine (2 points)
Mud football! (3 points)

Choose the answer that most closely reflects your idea of a killer party:
A few friends hanging out in someone's room and pizza! (0 points)
Hanging out at a bar, meeting new people and having one or two drinks to be social (1 point)
Going to a frat and owning the pong table (2 points)
A huge blowout house party, naked people everywhere, getting totally sh*tfaced and leaving just before the cops arrive (3 points)

There's a really hot, drunk member of the opposite sex trying to get with you. They have a cough and sound congested. What do you do?
Get their phone number and hope they're still interested when they sober up and get healthy (0 points)
Maybe make out a little, but don't let it go any further (1 point)
Go for it. Avoid kissing them as much as possible (2 points)
Hit that sh*t! You gotta take opportunity when it comes (3 points)