Now that i am getting older and need to be more responsible (or so the state says) I find myself sitting around, wasting away the days thinking about all the good times I had when I was a youth. The things I did, the experiences i had, and the times that I am never going to get back. Thinking about these things make me wish I could go find Doc Brown, go 88, and retreat back to a much simpler time of life.

I wish i could go back to the days of velcro sneakers, they are just so much easier. You grab them, slip your foot in, stick the two latches to the tongue and you are off to the races.(notice, running for more than 8 consecutive seconds would cause the velco to come loose and flap around on the shoe).

The Nerf Bow and Arrow was a sign that you were serious about defending your box fort against the assaults of little brothers and sisters. If you were truely a badass, you would hold it sideways, turning your bow and arrow into a gangster style crossbow.

It was Pepsi, yet it was clear like water…i do not see a downside to this product

The mascot was a kangaroo with an australian twang. He would take cookies and dunk them in frosting while singing a jingle…if you were not addicted to these, chances are I do not care for you as a person.

I never got my chance to grab myself a glowing piece of the radical rock, and i am confident that if I were allowed to go up againt two 12 year olds right now, i would kick some ass. Also, i want a sweet nickname, like Mark "The Shark" Clark got.

I never was smart enough to find this bitch or the loot, and i always had to lie to get myself a false warrant, so that I could false arrest someone and look good in front of the chief.