Less than 2 percent of our readers die from incredibly rare diseases. Coincidence?

Politically Correct Dyslexia
-"Ask that black guy for directions"
-"Excuse me, but I believe they prefer to be called 'little people.'"
Popular Weird Al Songs if He Were Born in 1920…
- "Bugle Bugle Bugle Boy of Company Cheese!"
- "Twist and Trout!"
- "Eat it!" (But he'd record it as a 65 year old.)
The deli I go to has a sign that says, "This line bagels only." I sometimes like to pretend I'm living in a racist cartoon world.
Boring YouTube Videos
-Successful Omelet Cook
-New Donald Sutherland Movie LEAKED!!!
-How to Re-Bristle a Broom!!
-4-Minute Mustache-Trim Attempt
-8-Minute Mustache-Trim Attempt!!!
I just got back from Mexico. Everybody's lawn looked amazing.
Just kidding, they were all covered with car parts.
Movies Titles That Perfectly Explain The Movie
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Debbie Does Dallas