It's a well known fact that the amount of fun you have on your spring break is directly proportional to how sick you get by the end of the week. Answer the questions below to find out if you need a few days' bedrest or a graveplot.

Where are you going?
America (1 point)
Western Europe (2 points)
Eastern Europe (3 points)
Mexico (4 points)

What are you planning to do?
See the sights! (1 point)
Some partying, some traveling. (2 points)
Party, baby! WOOO! (3 points)
Screw till it falls off. (4 points)

Who are you going with?
My school's Habitat for Humanity chapter. (1 point)
My girlfriend. (2 points)
Myself. (3 points)
MAH BOYS! (4 points)

What substances will you be abusing?
SxE (1 point)
Beer, various liquors. (2 points)
Alcohol, weed, maybe some cocaine if I can get my hands on it. (3 points)
Whatever I can put in my body. (4 points)

What time are you waking up each day?
9 AM, I want to have time to experience a foreign culture. (1 point)
Noon, I need to catch up on sleep. (2 points)
Depends, when do the bars open? (3 points)
Sleep? This is spring break, man. (4 points)

Are you in a relationship?
…yes. (1 point)
Yeah, but she's cool with it. (2 points)
No way, dude, why buy the cow when you can do body shots of hotter cows for free? (3 points)
Relation-whuh? (4 points)

Are you bringing condoms?
Of course, do I look like a moron? (1 point)
I'll just pick some up at the airport. (2 points)
Pulling out stops disease too, right? (3 points)
What part of "screwing till it falls off" didn't you understand? (4 points)