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I had a roommate who always left bowls of half eaten cereal around our place. This was just one of many grievances I had with this guy. A friend of mine gave me a food additive from his lab used to thicken fat free dairy products. Basically, it solidifies calcium containing products. A hefty 50 ml of that powder in his frosted flakes bag = chunky cereal. He still ate it.
K., Purdue

Last year my roommate was the typical "new haircut" guy. Acted like he owned the place, thought all the girls wanted him etc. He would always use MY computer to look at porn while I was gone, and reserve his computer for working on his "business" (pyramid scheme). One day while he was gone we noticed that he left his Facebook signed in. We got on his page and changed his status to "Jim is coping with the fact that he just got diagnosed with Irritable Bowell Syndrome." By 10 o'clock that night one of the hottest girls he knew had written on his wall telling him that she knew what he was going through, because her mentally challenged brother had the disease as well.
Lane Shuler, East Tennessee State University

I was the one who replaced your contact lens solution with vinegar.
Nman, School Not Given

Like almost every normal college student, my roommate plays a lot of Halo, so much that he even forgot his girlfriend's birthday. She lives in a different town and had come up to spend the day with him, but she spent most of the day watching him play halo. when he went to class and still hadn't mentioned anything about her birthday, my other roommate and myself decided to help her out a with little prank. We took a blank CD and used a labeling program to make the disk look just like my roommates Halo 2 disk. While he was in class, we switched his original out for our fake disk and waited. When he came home the first thing he did was turn the X box on and grab a controller. His girlfriend calmly got up off the couch, hit the eject button on the x box, and took the disk. She snapped it straight in half, it was the most perfect prank I've ever seen. After about 3 seconds of silence, he called her a bitch, got in his truck and didn't come back for about an hour. Even after we told him about the prank it took a couple days before things were back to normal, I think he was actually more pissed at us then at his girlfriend.
Shaun, Laramie County Community College

We had a party at my fraternity house one night and somehow we found a sex box in my roommates loft that consisted of condoms, vibrating rings, and his girlfriends personal favorite, a flesh-colored vibrator with the name "Howard II" sharpied down the side of it. One night we had a PJ party and I took a few too many late-night bong rips. The same roommates girlfriend was walking by and saw me struggling on the couch and in her obnoxious mindset decided to fuck with me until I violently threw up all over my room. It was so bad that the next day we had scrub the floors down and replace the carpet. That night I found a large tube of IcyHot and snuck upstairs into my buddy's loft. After putting on some latex gloves and an oxygen mask(this girl was dirty), I proceeded to dowse the vibrator in with the tube of IcyHot and put it back right where I found it. I don't know if they ever found out about it but I'm pretty sure it contributed to their break-up the next week. We had another special party to celebrate that bitch never coming to my house again.
Jordan, East Carolina

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