Sega Corporation:

Please consider this letter the end to our business relationship.  It is with regret that I must offer my resignation as your flagship character, but it was inevitable.  Since the end of the Genesis, it has been apparent to me that our best days were behind us.  The Sega CD and the Dreamcast were enough to convince me that the glory days were over.  The gross mishandling of your corporation's assests has steadily become worse and worse.
I did not want to leave your company on a sour note.  Afterall we had some good times.  I will never forget all those wonderful days spent in the Green Hill Zone, and I sometime find myself muttering UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, START as I stare at my framed Chaos Emerald.  However, I have come to understand that what we once shared is over now, and I have made my peace with that.
Upon my departure from your company, I will more than likely apply for a job with Nintendo.  I know we used to rag on them all the time, but looking back at all of that, could you guys really do what "Ninten-don't?"  I don't think so, and now I have to go crawling to them begging for some measly job working with that mushroom addicted freak over there.
I'm sorry that it had to end like this.

Best Regards,
Sonic the Hedgehog