Goooood Morning COLLEGEHUMOR! Or afternoon or whatever. I have a proposition for you. We are beginning our search for Summer interns. So you know what this means. If you live in or close to the New York City area and are interested in working at the CollegeHumor office for the Summer send your resume and cover letter to

And just a friendly piece of advice, we get a lot of cover letters that start off with, "F*ck you give me a job, haha." That might sound amusing to you as you type it out, but trust me, that's a great way not to get hired.

We're looking for cool people with a good attitude and good sense of humor. More specifically though we're looking for writers, viral video experts and illustrators. Experience with writing comedy, editing programs like Final Cut and Photoshop/Illustrator are big pluses.

If you didn't deduce this from the email address above, the internship is unpaid, but you can get school credit if you work it out with your college. Also, traveling and food expenses will be covered. You also get to date Sarah Schneider. Kidding. Maybe. It's really up to her I guess. We'll put in a good word though.