1. The person who finds the cure for cancer is actually a huge douchebag.

2. Albinos are only slightly more human than zombies.

3. Always leash your dog, ESPECIALLY when hunting deer in a post societal world.

4. Don't trap a albino guy's girlfriend in a black tarp, take her back to your place, sedate her, and experiment. In the end, he'll get you back.

5. Even with the collapse of society and human existence hanging in the balance, Will Smith will make time to work out.

6. If you ever see a mannequin out of place, just let it go.

7. Trying to say "hi" to a female mannequin is an emotional experience.

8. Will Smith can, actually, fix this.

9. Contrary to popular belief, neck tatoos are sign that someone can be trusted. Even if its with the fate of humanity.

10. Vermont's not such a bad place after all.