George Washington – A virgin, i.e a first timer.

"Has she slept around a lot?"

"Nah dude, she's a George Washington"

Thomas Jefferson – A tramp who's only worth 5 bucks.

"Dude, she's nasty, a total Thomas Jefferson."

Lyndon B. Johnson, a.k.a LBJ – Slang for a penis.

Bill Clinton- Smoking a cigar after it's been placed down south on a woman. The"Bill Clinton" is the only maneuver actually invented by the Presidentit's named after.

The Abraham Lincoln – A sexual act where one of the parties wears a top hat.

Herbert Hoover – A woman adept at giving oral sex. "She's a keeper man, a total Herbert Hoover."

The Grover Cleveland- Having sex with a woman on 2 non-consecutive occassions. For example,if you hook up with a girl in September and in July, and have had sex in the interim, then that girl is known as a "Grover Cleveland." Many Grover Clevelands tend to be Thomas Jeffersons.

Richard Nixon – Refers to when a man is caught with a Prostitute. Often times, the man will exclaim "I am not a crook!"

Ronald Regan – Sex that is so good you forget where you are.

"He's so boring, but a total Ronald Regan in the sack."

Jimmy Carter – A cheap date.

"Think you'll get lucky tonight?"

"Yeah, she's a Jimmy Carter, toss her a few peanuts and she'll be all over the LBJ."

William H. Taft – A person who has sex with a fat woman, a.k.a. a 'dragon slayer', or the act of having sex in a bathtub.

Martin Van Buren – Anal Sex.

"My girlfriend still doesn't want to try the Martin Van Buren."

F.D.R – Having sex with someone in a wheelchair, not to be confused with the "Lt. Dan."

Warren G. Harding – Getting so drunk that you sleep with a Thomas Jefferson and give her the MartinVan Buren.

Mildred Filmore – Kissing a woman's kneecap.

"I totally gave her the Mildred Filmore last night."

"You're a loser."

Theodore Roosevelt – A well endowed man.

William Harrison – A guy who doesn't last long in the sack.

George W. Bush- A guy who lies to get his High School girlfriend in the sack, sleepswith her, and then doesn't know what to do once she gets pregnant.