When Walk Hard asked the editorial staff to write a sponsored article, my first instinct was 'oh yeah, Walk Hard. That movie was actually pretty good – it didn't suck like I thought it would!' And behold! This article was born. Not a bad list, if I do say so myself.

Galaxy Quest
By the time Galaxy Quest hit theaters, Tim Allen was synonymous with a string of sub-standard zany comedies like Jungle 2 Jungle and The Santa Clause, parlayed from the success of Home Improvement. I therefore met the arrival of a new film from the dude who turned grunting into a legitimate form of comedy with dread. But instead of the 90 minutes of gross-out extraterrestrial slime jokes I expected from this sci-fi film, Galaxy Quest turned out to be one of the most clever big-budget comedies since the Ghostbusters franchise. In retrospect, I'm ashamed I ever doubted any film that pairs Sam Rockwell and Alan Rickman. Then sends them to space.
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star
"I've seen some terrible comedies and this ain't one of them!" — Winston Churchill. And I couldn't agree more! David Spade is genuinely funny and the movie seems slightly improvised so there are some legit laughs throughout. Plus, the entire film is peppered with random cameos of has-been celebrities which give it just that extra push it needs to go from watchable to enjoyable. I give it 35 stars! (out of 45 of course.)

Last Action Hero
Not quite bad enough to be unintentionally funny (like Commando) and not quite good enough to transcend its genre (like Total Recall), Last Action Hero gets caught in a really unique place in the Schwarzenegger spectrum of quality. It's supposed to be a parody of stupid movies, but after being stuck in Jack Slater's world for an hour you have to ask yourself "aren't I just watching a stupid movie?" Still, the movie revels in its stupidity in a way that's hard not to admire. Last Action Hero's legacy as a bomb is, more than anything, a victim of bad timing. It was released the week after Jurassic Park, whose revolutionary effects would eventually make the movies that Last Action Hero parodied obsolete. It was dated on arrival. The MC Hammer cameo doesn't help either.
Everyone hates this movie without ever having seen it, but while it is admittedly cheesy and ridiculous, it delivers fairly consistent laughs. Brendan Fraser is great, it's written by Harold Ramis and two other legendary comedy writers, and there's a fantastic basketball scene which includes one of the best sportscaster lines ever: "He was Phi Slamma Jamma runnin' stank all over it with rib-ticklin' jumps of double vanilla funk!"
I approached Eurotrip expecting something forgettable, but instead got one of my favorite comedies of all time. The premise is original, the dialogue naturally witty, the foreign stereotypes hilarious (albeit hyperbolized), and absurdly funny cameos by SNL's Fred Armisen and Matt Damon (?Scotty Doesn't Know' FTW) are the cherries on this delicious cake of a film. Besides, any movie in which a little kid marches around with a magic marker Hitler mustache gets my vote.
Mean Girls
Judging by the ads, I thought Mean Girls was going to be terrible. It should have been terrble. It had all the makings of a sh*t-fest: teen jokes, Lindsay Lohan and quite a bit of pink. I thought the movie would be a teen-centric, cute flick with a ridiculous plot and a school dance scene at the end. And it was all those things, except that it was actually good. Tina Fey crafted a hysterical movie that was well-written, well-acted and, even though it featured a lot of teen move cliches, it somehow felt fresh. Add in amazing cameos from Tim Meadows and Amy Poehler and you've got a great movie. Interestingly, the non-cliche stuff – the parts where the kids act like they're in the jungle – were the only parts I didn't like.