Okay, bear with us for one second. We know you hate when we plug stuff. We get it. But come on, this is our own product and we're pumped for it. So yeah, our good friends over at BustedTees have started making posters.

That's right, you can finally stop hanging your t-shirts on the wall. Not only will the tape stick better, but now you can also improve your street cred with some genuine, authentic, fake tour posters from such musical marvels as the Beets and Jesse and the Rippers.

And if we haven't already offended your roommates parent's enough, they have permanently desecrated the periodic table format and created a Periodic Table of Vulgarity so you will never again be left without a proper synonym for @%$# or @&#$ or even #%$@. Rejoice!

(No word yet on whether they're going to start making posters with that hot redhead girl from the ads on them.)