The following is a conversation between Dr. John Vafero and Kenny Jonkers. Dr.Vafero is an established archaeologist while Kenny Jonkers is a software execfor Eidos Interactive.

KennyJonkers:h,hello Dr. Vafero, how are you this fine day?

Dr.J Vafero: Justfine Mr. Jonkers, just fine.

KJ: So. What can I help you with

DJV: Well, I have an idea for a videogame.

KJ: Is that so Sir? Well ahh.. shoot!

DJV: I'm thinking that it is about anArchaeologist who is working in the amazonian rainforest….

KJ: Kind of like a Indiana Jones typeof deal?

DJV: Yes, in way. However, my character will be a little more Realistic.

KJ: How so?

DJV: Well her name first off will be Dr. Irene Campbell.

KJ: Oh?

DJV: And she will have club feet

KJ: club feet?

DJV: And big glasses

KJ: Well ok.

DJV: And a limp.

KJ: Whoa, Dr. why would she have a limp.

DJV: Well that has to do with the storyline. She was in the field and fell in a hole!

KJ: Sounds, unfortunate.

DJV: Oh yes, it is. Anyhow, I figured that I would name it Site Dig!, with an exclamation point.

KJ: What does the player do?

DJV: First, they'll complete a pedestrian survey, choose their team size, and buy supplies.

KJ: Ok the supplies would be like guns, grenades, lasers?

DJV: Yah!! Humph! If they want to blowup the site maybe!! No they would have picks, trowels, shovels, screens and dental picks.

KJ: Oh, anything else?

DJV: And a backhoe.

KJ: Cool Doc, so people get to drivethe backhoe around running over the undead?

DJV: No.

KJ: mummies?

DJV: No. No. No.

KJ: No?

DJV: The character doesn't drive the backhoe. She has a backhoe operator for that. Which could get dangerous! If he isn't used to working on archaeological sites he might dig too much at a time!!

KJ: What do they dig up? Lost artifacts, treasures, arrowheads even?

DJV: Well that is up to the area they are digging. If they are lucky they can find a couple stone tools, we don't say arrowheads.

KJ: That's it?

DJV: Well, yes.

KJ: Sir, I have to be honest with you, this idea is kind of, well, bland.

DJV: Well Kenneth, I don't know what you mean.

KJ: I'll tell you what. How about wereplace the tools with guns, the backhoe with a jeep, change her name to Lara Croft, lose the club feet and limp, and give her big fucking tits?

DJV: Hmmm, well, I do love a nice pair of flesh puppies!

KJ: Nice! I'll make those suckers humongous.

DJV: Can it still be named Site Dig?

KJ: Nah, how about Tomb Raider?

DJV: Ah fuck, as long as she has big tits.

KJ: Nice doing work with you Dr. Vafero.

The men shake hands.