Three men in red and black army uniforms are crouching behind a wooden crate.  An Officer, Stevenson and Thug #6.  Other men in similar uniforms are firing automatic weapons at a group of cardboard boxes.  A muscular man in a black tanktop pops out from behind the boxes and picks the soldiers off one by one.  He never misses.

Officer: Are the initial reports right, Stevenson?

Stevenson:  Yes sir, it is in fact one man.  He's armed with a single pistol.

Officer:  Nothing else?  You're sure?

Stevenson:  Positive. 

The man in the black tanktop pops out, fires twice and takes out two more soldiers.  He ducks back behind the boxes

Officer:  Dammnit!  He's good.  Well, how many clips does he have, he must be about to run out of ammo.

A soldier stands up, and unloads his AK-47 into the cardboard boxes.  Nothing happens.  The soldier ducks down behind the crate and starts to reload his gun.

Stevenson:  None that we can see sir.  In fact, reports indicate that he hasn't reloaded his gun once this whole time.

Officer:  Are you kidding me?? 

Stevenson:  No.  In fact, he's killed 42 elite soldiers without reloading that gun, ever.

Officer: How does he do that??

The soldier with the AK-47 stands up to fire again, but a bullet hits him dead center in his forehead and he falls to the ground.

Officer: Jesus Christ!  The guy wasn't even looking.  He just stuck his gun out from behind those boxes and fired one shot! 

More soldiers are firing at the pile of cardboard boxes with no obvious success.  One soldier crouches behind a steel drum to reload when a bullet pierces the barrel and comes out of the soldiers forehead, once again, dead center.

Officer:  Did you see that??  His bullet went right through that steel drum.  Our automatic weapons can't pierce through cardboard boxes, but his ONE FREAKING BULLET can tear through steel!! 

Thug #6: I know sir, it's unbelievable.  We've got the best weapons known to man.  We've trained for months in the harshest conditions in secret bases around the world.  We're known to be the mostly highly trained, specialized group of ex-special force soldiers turned mercenary terrorists known to man and he's just a local cop having a bad day!

A bullet tears through the wooden crate and kills Thug #6 instantly.  The officer is horrified.

Officer:  Stevenson, I…I didn't even know his name.

Stevenson:  We only knew him as Thug #6.

Officer:  Really?  That seems a bit impersonal.

Stevenson:  Well I do know he had two kids and a wife, sir.  It's a shame, really.

Officer:  Truly.  Who knows what they'll do without him…

Stevenson:  Well, we'll probably sell his orphaned children into slavery and leave his wife to die of a broken heart.

Officer:  That's terrible.

Stevenson:  Sir, we are an evil terrorist group.  There's no room for puppies and rainbows in our line of work unless we're stuffing them full of heroin and sending them across the border.

Officer:  True, true.

The officer peeks around the boxes.  The man in the black tanktop bursts from behind the cardboard boxes and charges the officer's position.  Soldiers from all around start firing at him, but not a single bullet hits him.  While running he fires ten shots, killing exactly ten soldiers, three while he slides across the ground.  He comes to a stop right in front of Stevenson and presses his gun againt Stevenson's forehead.  He pulls the trigger.  Nothing happens.

Officer:  Finally!  He's out of ammo.  We've got him!

The man in the black tanktop reaches behind himself, whips out a huge hunting knife, cuts Stevenson's throat and stabs the officer through his chin.

Man in Black Tanktop:  No.  I've got you…babe.

The man in black walks out the open door of the warehouse into the bright sunlight.  As he shields his eyes from the glare a regiment of ninjas drop from the roof of the warehouse and surround him…