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Jeff Foxworthy Goes Green
If yer left arm's tan from hangin out yer truck all day, you should probably take public transit to reduce your carbon footprint
The Encyclopedia of British Exclamations
by George
Time Machines…
Is the fact that we don't see people from the future suddenly appearing all over an indication that time machines will never be invented, or that we just live in a very boring time?
Why isnt prayer allowed in schools?
It gives Christians an unfair advantage on tests.
I went to an authentic Somalian restaurant last night. We went in, sat for a while and then left hungry.
Dr. Love, M.D.
The best way to a woman's heart is through a standard #13 blade midsternal incision, spreading the rib cage and dividing the pericardiam over the left ventricle.
Countdown to When it's OK to Ask When Miley Cyrus Turns 18
Lightsaber Inventor
Stormtrooper #1: F*ck! my blaster rifle jammed!
Stormtrooper #2: Awesome!
Guy Applies for Designer Job at
— Do you have any web design experience?
— Yes. Of course.
— Please leave.
A Normal Squirrel Meets a Flying Squirrel for the First Time
Normal Squirrel: F*ck.