After spending sometime watching how people act in relation to their internet browsers, I have compiled this list of what their browsers say about them.

Firefox: I'm internet savvy; I can customize it to do what I want. Weather? I got it. Way to get to my iTunes? Hell yeah. Save pictures Ifind online for easy access later? You know it.

Opera: I cannot possibly be hacked, but half of the shit on the internet doesn't work for me. It's still better than IE.

Internet Explorer: Weeeee! I just got the internet! This iswhat I'm suppose to use right?

Safari: I'm a Mac user who hasn't switched to Firefox yet,but I will once I realize how that everything by Apple is just as good as Microsoft.

Flock: I like Firefox, but I want constant access to my Facebook friends without having to be on Facebook. Oh, look, Liz is listed as single now, I think I'll poke her.

AOL Explorer: dial tone