She sat alone with people around her

Spewing filth as as she spoke

Listening to this girl was driving me MaD!

She had to have known she was a joke

So as she babbled with her mouth hung low

and her jelly doughnut sides jiggling with pure delight

I looked at her with veiled disgust

This girl is really annoying ALRIGHT!?

So I whipped out my harpoon and aimed it to her

making sure it was diamond sharp

I pulled the trigger and released my blade

When I heard the sound of a harp

It was the Archangel Gabriel

Who shown down from above glowing with obvious pride

He gave me a grenade filled with power

and gave me an angel high five! ┬ĘTight)

So the beast was slain

She didn't shut up even when give her cue

Oh and one more thing Id like to deliver

A Giant…Heartfelt…