The G-spot is one of nature's mysteries that intrigues and baffles most men. The purported location of the G-spot has changed over time, as if it wasn't hard enough to find in the first place. It's like finding Carmen Sandiego; when you do finally find that cloaked goddess she disappears as fast as she appeared. I found a way to make finding the G-spot a more fun and enjoyable process. I related it to one of the most memorable board games of my childhood; Battleship.

Boy: Alright, are you ready?

Girl: Absolutely.

Boy: OK. Missionary and slow.

Girl: Miss.

Boy: Missionary and fast.

Girl: Miss.

Boy: Doggy style and fast.

Girl: Miss.

Boy: (Getting tired and annoyed) I'm gonna mix it up a bit. Brazilian bedlock and fast.

Girl: This is incredibly uncomfortable… and miss.

Boy: You know what, f*ck this game. I quit.

(Boy gets fed and up and goes to bed)

Girl: Vibrator and slow. Hit. Vibrator and fast. Hit. Hit. Hit. Hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hithithit…SUNKKK!!!!