Top ten reasons not to graduate in four years

10. You have better chances of finding a college sweetheart when you are there longer.

9. When you graduate you're almost old enough to rent a car.

8. If you went to school for 5 years not 4 you seem smarter.

7. You can pick up a minor or two or three, diversify, diversify, and diversify.

6. Doctors go to school for an average of 7 years, so you're technically 5/7ths of a doctor

5. Staying in school lowers your beers per year… think about it. 12 beers a week times 52 weeks a year for 4 years isn't as much as 12 beers per week for 5 years. Oh never mind your math gets better when you stay in school

4. You're more mature when you graduate if you go to school longer.

3. Employers look for more education. If you have 5 years you have a one up on every four year graduate.

2. There are advances in technology that those over achievers will never learn about.

1. No one likes a quitter.