4/28/08 8:30 am:Fuck, I don't want to go to class, but the good news is only one more day until GTA IV.

4/28/08 12:33 pm:A nap in this class sounds good. Dreams about GTA IV.

4/28/08 3:23 pm:This is bullshit, I have nothing to do, I really wish I had GTA IV right now.

4/28/08 6:12 pm:Alright, six more hours then I'll be playing GTA IV.

4/28/08 10:01 pm:Jesus, how long can 2 hours possibly be?

4/28/08 10:30 pm:Maybe if I look at something other than GTA IV reviews time will go faster.

4/28/08 10:31 pm:Maybe somebody got an early copy and can tell me how it is.

4/28/08 11:00 pm:Damn east coast bastards already have GTA IV.

4/28/08 11:05 pm:One more hour, it feels like FOREVER!!!

4/28/08 11:20 pm:Time to go to Best Buy, hells yeah.

4/28/08 11:30 pm:Shit, this is a long line, should have left home at least 5 hours ago.

4/28/08 11:31pm:Open the door, come on, I want this game.

4/28/08 11:58 pm:Open the door, I really want this game.

4/28/08 11:59 pm:OPEN THE DOOR!!!

4/29/08 12:00 am:FINALLY!

4/29/08 12:01 am:Doesn't this line move any faster?

4/29/08 12:03 am:Jesus Christ. Did this guy have to buy every version?

4/29/08 12:09 am:Finally, my turn. Yes, special edition for PS3. $92.00, ok, fine, here let me have the game already.

4/29/08 12:11 am:Turn green you stupid light.

4/29/08 12:12 am:Ok, no cops, 100 mph seems like a good idea.

4/29/08 12:24 am:Now, I just have to turn the PS3 on and put in the game.

4/29/08 12:30 am:Alright, it's done installing, let's do this thing.

4/29/08 12:32 am:Oh My God. This is the greatest thing ever. I can't wait to tell Chris about it.

4/29/08 12:33 am:Thoughts stop.