2. At least 2000 people are always awake, and always on CollegeHumor.

3. Neither Dan Gurewitch nor Sarah Schneider are Jewish. My bracket's totes busted.

4. Sam Reich's father is some politically famous midget or something.

5. Jake Hurwitz is the last person on earth who pays for porn.

6. Also, under black light, you can probably see Jake's computer area from space.

7. Everyone at CV is the funniest person you've ever met.

8. Except Doug.

9. People will do anything Ben Schwartz tells them to do.

10. Huey Lewis and the News = best band of the 80's.

11. If prompted tenaciously enough, anyone will be willing to put a shoe on their head at some point.

12. I had such good grades this semester; I got like 2 A's 3 B's and one C, but that was in Health Sciences which is a bullshit class anyway… also, I've got a huge cock?

13. Shockingly, girls are not quite as receptive to "SHOW YOUR TITS" as we'd previously surmised. Dan Gurewich, however…

14. Casey has a sweet rack.

15. No, I don't care if that sounds crude and a little bit creepy.

16. Jeff Rubin is perfectly content to sit and answer "this or that" questions for hours. Also, he loves pizza.

17. Despite suspicions to the contrary, Ricky Van Veen is, in fact, funny.

18. Streeter Seidell Christ I'm tired. I think I missed my 8 am final

19. Airhorns are always funny.

20. I completely screwed myself by doing nothing but watch the CollegeHumor staff on a webcam for 12 mother-fucking hours.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say: Thank You CollegeHumor. You helped make the singlemost stressful time of the year a little less so, and I know a lot of us are grateful to you for it. Here's to next year's All-Nighter!