Dr. Jones walks into the deans office.

Dean: Dr. Jones…..

Jones: Look I know what you are gonna say, I know I have missed a lot of work.

Dean: Dr. Jones, you have been absent for seventy five percent of your classes this year alone.

A long silence

Jones: Well there is a good reason for that.

Dean: You are aware that we don't employ substitutes.

Jones: I understand that……

The dean pulls out a folder.

Dean: Dr. Jones, as your superior I have to say I am alittle perturbed by the fact that you used up all of your sick days within one week.

Jones: Well there is a good reason for that sir.

Dean: Well, I would love to hear it.

Jones: Well, I was in Peru looking for the idol of Monja and then there was this rolling ball that nearly killed me.

Dean: Dr. Jones, please look at these charts.

Dean hands Jones a folder full of class stats.

Dean: Your students have the lowest class percentage that this college has ever seen.

Jones: Well, they weren't too bright to begin with sir.

Dean: I beg to differ, think about it, the students are complete dunces and you are constantly gone raiding…….

Dean reads from folder.

Dean: "The ark of the covenant", do you fail to see the pattern here Dr. Jones?

Jones: The only thing I see is that I stopped the nazi's from gaining immense power that you couldn't even comprehend.

Dean: Very noble Dr. Jones, I just wish you cared as much about your students finals week than you do about your extracirricular activities.

Jones: Well, in my defense sir, I did help liquify a whole platoon of Gustapo soldiers. And honestly, I believe that that is worth more than any type of education money can buy.

Dean: Your students are on the verge of loosing out of a high end education, now this can be avoided if their professor – you – shows up. Am I making myself clear?

Jones: As clear as a crystal skull, speaking of which, do you think there is a chance that I can get Friday off?