Ben and Sandree and making out in a truck. Necking turns into heavy petting, clothes are coming off. They are ready to intercourse one another.

Ben: God I wanna sleep with you for a year.

Sandree: Mmm… You smell like trout.

Ben: Baby, wait. I want our first time to be special.

Sandree: Shh…

Ben: Don't "Shh" me. I'm serious. Look at us. We're in a truck in the middle of nowhere. This isn't how I imagined it.

Sandree: But look outside, it's so snowy! You love snow don't you?

Ben: Obviously. Look at me.

Sandree: Okay. So let's steam up car and melt the ice off of the windshield… like in Titanic.

Ben: I don't watch movies. Why did we have to drive out to nowhere to make animal love to each other?

Sandree: Shut up and rape me.

No. Stop. Come on. I'm serious.

(A red truck drives up and parks next to the car)

Sandree: Shit.

Ben: Who is that?

Sandree: Clevin.

Ben: Who the hell is Clevin?

Sandree: My… boyfriend.


Sandree: Please. Just… get out of the car, I need to get my clothes on.

Ben: It's freezing out there!

Sandrar: NOW, Ben!

Ben: (Getting out of the car) This is unreal…

Clevin: What's goin on here?

(Clevin walks up to the car pissed, Ben shuffles to the other side of the car)

Ben: I dunno dude, it's not what it looks like.

Clevin: Really?! Cuz it looks a lot like a Polar bear was fucking my girlfriend, bro.

Ben: Okay, that's pretty accurate actually.