What r u doing 2nite?

I'm bored, let's booze and/or bang.

How r u gettin there?

I need you to drive me.

I'll call u when i get there

You're a loser, and probably not wanted where we're going. I plan to get wherever we're going and then "forget" to call you. The next day you will call and I will say I was too hammered to remember. Loser.

Nothin u?

Please, please, please have something for me to do tonight. I don't think I can stand another night at home, my grandparents are over and things are getting gassy.


I'm not actually laughing, I just need to answer you so that you won't send me another terrible message.

I'm druuuunk

I'm the only one drinking and no one's talking to me so I texted you. Text me back quick so I look like I have better friends outside of this place.

Ur a looser

(Between members of the opposite sex.)
I wanted you here so I could try to wheel you, but you went somewhere else and now I'm back to playing with myself. Thanks a lot.
(Between two guys or girls.)
You're a loser and I don't like your face.

Who's all going?

If it's just you, I'm not coming.

4 Lt8 ua

I love you, but I'm afraid you don't feel the same way so I'm texting drunker than I am. But you'll see that I tried to text you and think about taking me up on my offer. You know the one. It rhymes with sex. C'mon I sent you a text, what more does a man need to do? Prude.