Imagine there's no education
It's awesome if you try
No Advanced Chemstry before us
Only PS3 and getting high
Imagine all your bros
Playing Grand Theft Auto 4

Imagine there's no classes
A mess hall with gourmet food
No reason to wake early
And no Comparative Religions too
Imagine all the hotties
Strolling the campus in bikinis

You may say I'm a procrasturbator
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday the faculty'll join me
And make a $40k a year college a shit ton of fun

Imagine no dissertations
No Locke, Rosseau, Diderot or Kant
No need for Adderrall at all
All the pussy you could ever want
Imagine all the students
Sharing a phat bong

You may say it happens only in summer
Underneath the burning sun
But it can happen year round if we want to
Oh shit, I'm late for Accounting I gotta run.