The video game Geek-o-meter. Judgement based on time spent playing video games.

Play time per day=effect on life

30 min – 1 hour = The Average Joe. You have a good time playing games and understand that your social life is more important than anything on your computer. You and your girlfriend are doing pretty good and you've got ample friends that you spend time with.

2-4 hours = You're getting somewhat reclusive, but you still go out.Your girlfriend got a little upset when you stood her up to play Warcraft. Sheforgave you though, because she loves you and knows the game can be very immersing. You're not out of the woods yet; her father, who happens to be your boss, found out about what happened, and you start to dread the next inevitably bad work day.

4-6 hours =Players in this range tend to be the most frustrated. A promising new career you had in a local accounting firm has slipped through your fingers since your late night playing habits were reflected in your shoddy work performance. Friendships are not beyond saving, however, if you'd just put in a small bit of effort. Your girlfriend finally broke up with you and kicked you out of the apartment. The last attempted sexual encounter didn't go over so well the night before because your addiction to Mountain Dew has turned you into a diabetic with erectile dysfunction. Have no fear, your mom's basement is always open to your return, and hell, we all know she makes some kick ass brownies.

6-8 hours =You tripped over the dog this morning in the kitchen and pulled your hamstring. All of your physical efforts in the last month have not gone unnoticed by your agile, muscular body. Everyone knows that the "bowling pin" profile is what's in these days and you tell yourself how sexy you are as you wolf down another triple-stacker and cheesy tots that you stole from work. But life is good; you won another apple pie from the Indiana Jones scratch off game. One less culinary delight that you'll be lifting from Burger King.

8-9 hours = You're almost beyond saving. All of your friends have stopped calling you since you never go out with them anyway, and chances aren't good that you could save the relationship if you tried. You went outside to get the newspaper from your driveway earlier in the day and got sunburn from your excursion into the wild. More than likely the rent hasn't been paid or you're overdue on some pretty important bills, since you "quit" your job. Face it, you were fired for calling in sick to play Age of Conan.

10 hours = It's over. You've got the complexion of a paper plate in a snowstorm. You haven't been outside in God knows how long and chances of you having any friends are worse than Ron Paul's chances of being elected president. You justify your lack of any social existence or romantic interest by having your "elite" status on a video game and compensate by hitting on blood-elf females with any name sounding even remotely feminine, even though you know its probably a man behind the keyboard. No one in real life bothers to contact you anymore because you've blown them off too many times for a video game. Yet have no fear, not being able to see anything past the range of your computer monitor without severe vision correction is the mark of a true gladiator. Congratulations, you are now elite, the best of the best.