Credit: Hey Nickel, I just wanted to say thanks for hooking me up with that Dime piece last night.

Nickel: No problem man.

Credit: Dude, you are so smooth!

Nickel: Stop it man. Seriously, it was not a big deal.

Credit: I owe you, big time.

Nickel: Haha, alright. So anyways, how'd she look this morning?

Credit: A little rough around the edges, but a cute little body. Nice and thin.

Nickel: Tight.

Credit: Yeah. So is Check home?

Nickel: Nah, he just bounced.

Credit sits down on Nickel's futon

Credit: Oh, alright. So'd you hear about Dollar?

Nickel: No, what's up?

Credit: I guess he has really let himself go. Everyone's been saying he's doing awful, really weak, too. To make it even worse, he's been hanging out with Penny.

Nickel: Penny? That guy's an awful role model…

Credit: Yeah. The whole thing reminds me of Sacagawea…

Nickel: True, true. But anyways, how's your little brother doing?

Credit: Debit's doing good, really good…

Quarter: I'm from Alabama!

Nickel: Oh hey quarter. How's my little buddy doing?

Quarter: I'm from Indiana!

Nickel: Sure you are little buddy. How bout we get you back to your room.

Quarter: Montana!

Nickel guides his older cousin to his room

Credit: I thought you said he was done with all that?

Nickel: Well they said it was only for a limited time, but I'm starting to think it's permanent…

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