It's a sunny Saturday afternoon. Two boys are walking down the street.

Jason: Hey David, wanna go to that girl's house who sells milkshakes?

David: Sure! it's pretty hot out, and she makes a great milkshake.

They walk down the street to the girl's house. As they get closer they notice that across the street there's a woman dancing very erotically.

Woman (shouting): My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!

Girl looks up from the milkshakes and looks towards the boys

Girl: Just ignore her-

Woman (still shouting): And they're like "it's better than yours!"

David: Actually we didn't say that

Jason: You can't compare a milkshake to dancing

Woman (still shouting): Damn right it's better than yours.

Jason: I'm so confused right now

Girl: She calls her boobs milkshakes

Jason: Oh.

David: Hey could we get two vanilla milkshakes?

Girl: Sure

Woman (still shouting): I could teach you!

Girl: No thanks-

Woman (shouting): But I'd have to charge!

Girl: Please leave me alone

David: Thanks for the milkshakes

Jason: What do you wanna do now?

David: I don't know. Wanna stand in her yard and watch her dance?

Jason: Sure.