You must be involved in some kind of back alley black market organ distribution ring, because you stole my heart.

You're like a target at a shooting range, I'll only hit you when I'm loaded.

You must be a suspect in a lineup, because I want to finger you.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I in light bondage, covered in oil.

You're like a hangover, I hope you're not around when I wake up.

You're like a trampoline, I can bounce on you for a bit but then I get tired.

You're like a guy that cuts me off on the highway, I want to give you the finger.

I'm like the lady giving perfume samples, I don't care if you say no.

I'm like Magic Shell Ice Cream Topping, it only takes a few seconds for me to get hard.

If I was a gynecologist, I'd put my finger in your vagina.

I want to finger you.