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That was pretty clever hiding your porn within the thousands of files in your iTunes. Almost as clever as me changing your iChat away message to "Current iTunes Song". We're all still curious how cute the "18yo russian lolita gangbanged" was.

Joshua Deckard, James Madison University

You left your sh*t all over the room, never washed your clothes or sheets, and made our room reek of pot all year long. I never stopped you from hooking up with the fat ugly chicks you found in the bathrooms at the end of parties every weekend. I win.
PH, School Not Given

My freshman year there were 4 of us living in a 3 bedroom apartment and it seemed like both bathroom were always occupied. So usually we ended up pissing off the balcony. We had left some empty milk jugs our there, I have no idea why, but one of my friends ended up using them as his personal piss pot. One night we were all drunk and hanging out and we convinced this one kid that it was homemade beer that we were fermenting on the balcony and he drank it. He still doesn't believe us to this day that it was piss, I guess he didn't mind the taste too much.
Matt McNair, Palomar College

This past spring me and my roommate shared our apartment with some guy who was subletting in place of another roommate who had graduated. We had never met this guy. He was an ass. He'd always try to out do us, especially when it came to drinking. He liked to get wrecked and throw scrap wood parties with anything he could get his hands on. By the end of the semester our once respectable apartment looked like a shit hole. There were holes in every wall, broken windows, smashed oven door, smashed couches and chairs, and none of the doors would lock. All because of this jack bastard of a roommate. After he had graduated at the end of the semester he had not offered to pay for anything and had not reimbursed us for anything of ours he had broken – he did, however, invite us to his rich parent's summer house for his graduation party. My room mate and I and a couple of our friends showed up at this kid's million dollar private lake house dressed like we were ready for a white-trash mixer. In front of his entire family we drank every drop of alcohol they had provided plus the keg of Beast Ice we brought ourselves. We got hammered, smashed whatever we could find, sank two canoes in the middle of the lake, shot off fireworks in the house, ate all the food, and even managed to "accidentally" burn down the gazebo/grape vine arbor that was housing much of the party. By the end of the day we felt we had done enough damage to have exacted our revenge so we called a taxi and threw smoke. No one has spoken to him since.
Peter D, Bloomsburg, School Not Given

My roommate called me at 7:00 am on a Friday morning and told me I needed to come bail him out of jail (he was a random roommate). After bitching his ass out for about 15 minutes he told me it was going to be $500 and he would pay me back. So I bail him out and he does end up paying me back, but it takes the asshole like 6 months. Meanwhile he's going out almost every night while I'm strapped for cash. About a year later I get a check in the mail for $500 reimbursing me for the bail money (he had no idea). I cashed the check, pocketed about $350, and used the rest of the money to hire a transvestite prostitute. I told the hooker to crash one of his frat parties and to ask for him when he/she got there, but to make sure he was pretty fucked up (amazing what some people will do for money). The retard ends up hooking up with the chick/dude, passed out, and I had Sasha… A.K.A Rick leave a note in his room saying, Thanks for the $500. I heard his frat talked about it for the rest of the year… and I still think he's to F*cking stupid to know it was me.
Jason Brown, School Not Given

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