Christian Bale: We need to re-do that last scene, I need to be a lot more brooding and self-loathing for this…

Christopher Nolan:
Ok, let's take it from the top, in 3…2…1…

Christian Bale:
Alfred, bring me the schematics on the Joker's bike, find out where Harvey Dent is having lunch today, and bring me a coffee, black as night..

Martin Lawrence:
Did someone say Black Knight?

Christopher Nolan:
CUT! Martin, what are you doing here?

Martin Lawrence: Ohhh, look out folks! We got a white man talkin ova here! Playas and shawties, we gotta white man talking! What you gotta say to me, whitey?

Christopher Nolan: For the last time, Martin, this is The Dark Knight, not Black Knight.

Martin Lawrence: Dag yo, it's my agent! He's got my head all messed up! He's all like, "Martin, go do dat movie, mother trucker! Get medieval on their white asses!"

Christian Bale: That seems unlikely, seeing as Black Knight was filmed in 2001…

Martin Lawrence: Who asked you? Was anyone talking to you, Patrick Bateman? You're lucky I don't smack you upside the head for overpowering my boy Taye Diggs in that kung-fu movie you guys did.

Christian Bale: You mean Equilibrium?

Martin Lawrence: Yeah, that's the joint! Equilibrium? More like "Seperate but not Equilibrium", you racists!

Christopher Nolan: Look Martin, as much as we'd love to sit and chat, we've got a movie to make, and we're behind schedule as is.

Martin Lawrence: Aight aight, I can see when I'm not wanted. I'm out like Ellen, yo.

Christopher Nolan: Ok, let's try it from the top one more time… 3…2..1..

Martin Lawrence enters dressed entirely in medieval gear.

Martin Lawrence: I'm not only the duke's official messenger… I'm also the court jester!

Christian Bale: Great, now he wants to play the Joker…

Christopher Nolan: Dammit Martin! Ok, someone call security, and we'll just call it a day. Hopefully, we can rebound from this day tomorrow…

Martin Lawrence: Did someone say Rebound?

Christopher Nolan: SECURITY!

Heath Ledger: Thank God we're done for today, I'm exhausted…