Passenger: I'm so pumped for this party. It's gonna be bomb.
Driver: I know bro! We're gonna get so drunk. Blackout for sure.
Passenger: And all those chicas will be there too!
Driver: Dude, this party is gonna be so legit. Hey, so I turn left up here?
Passenger: Right.
Driver: Oh, ok (turns right)
Passenger: Dude, what are you doing? You're other left.
Driver: Oh, my bad. I thought you meant, "turn right". No biggie. (turns around)
Passenger: Idiot.
Driver: Whatever. Alright, where do I go from here?
Passenger: You want to turn right at this light coming up, so you'll want to get in the right lane.
Driver: The light right here?! (Swerves into the right lane, almost hitting another car) Dude, you need to give me more warning next time.
Passenger: Sorry man, I wasn't thinking.
Driver: It's ok, we're even now. So where to from here? It's this right coming up, yes?
Passenger: (mumbles) I think… left…
Driver: Left, it is. (turns left)
Passenger: I think I left my frat hat in my room! I can't go to parties without it! Wait, why are you turning left?
Driver: Dear god, not again (turns around)
Passenger: Alright, despite some setbacks I think we're here. Let me call my buddy cause I don't see any other cars here… (calls buddy) Hey, what's your house number again? Weird, I don't see anywhere near that number. You're on Colt Ct. right? No? You live on Happy Valley Road? … Can you give me a second? (hangs up, turns to driver) um, we're nowhere near where we need to be. Lets retrace our steps.
Driver: Ok, we left town, got on highway 24 east-
Passenger: Oh… we were supposed to go on 24 west.
Driver: F*ck.