Day 2:

I still am not too sure what happened to my mother, but I feel that chances of seeing her again are slim. ‰ will miss her and my four brothers and sisters greatly.
On a much lighter note, the humans have taken a great liking to me. "hey smile when they come home and they get very eager when they ask if I want to go for a walk. ‰ humor them by acting excited (waging my tail seems to bring on the smiles.)
Day 6:
I am still not sure what my name is, they keep calling me No. ‰ guess it has a ring to it, although they seem to want to shout my name all the time. ‰ don't understand why, it hurts my ears. „on't humans know that dogs have great hearing?
Day 10:
I'm still not sure who this dog "Daisy" is, but the humans appear to call her very pleasantly. I thought I was the only dog here. "he never appears, so I just take Daisy's food, the humans don't seem to mind much; In fact, I think they encourage it. ‰ think Daisy ran away, sad.
Day 15:
This collar is really bothering me. ‰ don't get why I have to wear this. ‰ guess the humans enjoy dressing us dogs up. „oug came home from work today, I was so excited that I may have peed on his shoes. ‰ don't think he minded to much, he just said my name and picked me up and places me outside. ‰ guess peeing on his shoes means we get to relax outdoors. "ounds like a good deal.
Day 16:
I'm told by Jessica that I'm going to the Vet today. ‰'m not entirely sure what that is, but she seems to be petting me a lot and giving me Daisy's food, so I'm guessing this place will be fun. ‰'ll tell you more about this later.
Day 16 part II:
WHAT THE HELL. "hat wasn't good at all! "he "Vet" kept calling me Daisy and touching me. ‰t was okay at first, with nice petting, but then Jessica LEFT THE ROOM and thats when he…he placed a stick up my butt. ‰t was so cold and felt terrible. ˆe ended my visit by stabbing me with a sharp object.