That's enough of you, t-shirt girl. What are you still so surprised about? Every time I see you, you have this giddy look of girly disbelief on your face. Can you still not believe you're wearing a funny shirt? I have fully grasped your situation, I urge you to do the same. I never found you to be particularly attractive either, but I heretofore tolerated your presence whenever signing out of MySpace mainly for these two reasons:

One – The shirts you advertize occasionally make me giggle.
Two – You don't pretend to be instant messaging me, like the other, hotter girls I see when I sign out.

But that's enough. Get a grip, close your mouth. I'm sure you've made a few bucks off those ads, use them go to trade school or something. You probably have a basic understanding of graphic design from hanging out with those t-shirt guys, right? Go enroll in a good program somewhere and stop being so surprised about the clothes you're wearing.