Breaking news on the celebrity front, guys – a new campaign ad from the McCain camp calls Obama 'the biggest celebrity in the world.' It also shows enormous crowds of people enthusiastically chanting Obama's name. So I guess we all know who McCain's voting for. (Celebslam

The big news this week is the fall from grace of wonderboy Shia LaBeouf. Shia was driving drunk at 3am on Saturday when his truck hit another car and flipped completely over. He was rushed to the hospital for hand surgery, while his passenger and the other driver suffered minor injuries. Although the 'cops' decided it 'wasn't his fault,' he's still being charged with misdemeanor DUI. Twenty bucks says he won't even get stuck doing community service.(WWTDD, DListed)

Don't worry, though, he'll still be getting beat up. Turns out the passenger in his car, drunk at 3am on a Saturday night was none other than Adrian Grenier's girlfriend. Oh what a tangled web they weave. Aquaman is gonna kick the sh*t out of Indiana Jones Jr or whatever. (Celebslam)

Bruce Willis went yippee-ki-yay on some paparazzi this week, dousing an annoying stalker in water. Unfortunately, the photographer had never been baptized, and now serves Bruce Willis as his God. (DListed)

Amy Winehouse found herself in the hospital again this week, as her parents found themselves in complete denial. Daddy Winehouse told the media that one of Amy's friends drugged her with E. Right before she tripped onto a needle and a bunch of lit cigarettes fell into her mouth. (WWTDD, IDLYITW)

Anti-bra demonstrations broke out across Los Angeles this week.  Activists Blake Lively and Rihanna both did their best to support the cause withour, er, 'supporting their cause.'  And by cause, I mean boobs. (Egotastic)

Remember when Britney drove around with her son in her lap? Well good news! She hasn't changed at all. This week her son was photographed playing with a pack of cigarettes and a lighter as Britney smoked nearby. Not pictured: a bottle full of Red Bull and his Ring Pop pacifier. (WWTDD)

Also a bad driver? Lynne Spears, Britney's mother. Notice a pattern here? The story broke this week that when she was 20, Lynne ran over a kid. Like, legit ran a kid over. I guess God does work in mysterious ways. Britney is his special little way of saying 'fuck you.' (IDLYITW)

Ok, so we all know another Batman movie is in the works, right? Now that The Joker, Two-Face and Scarecrow are all out of the picture, rumors are already starting to fly about what villians the next Batman movie will feature, and who will play them. Angelina Jolie as Catwoman? Johnny Depp as The Riddler? Philip Seymour Hoffman as that pathetic excuse of a villian, The Penguin? What do you guys think? (WWTDD, DListed)

Everybody's favorite working non-actor Seth Rogen got in trouble this week for smoking pot at a Maxim party for his new film Pineapple Express. To be fair, at this point it's just routine for him. He didn't even realize he had started smoking until the party police pulled the joint out of his mouth. (Celebslam)

This isn't celebrity news, but was too good to pass up. A guy stopped at a stoplight in Salt Lake, Utah pulled a gun on the car next to him after the passenger asked him if he had any Grey Poupon. The guy was arrested after the joker called the cops with his license plate number. I think the cops made the wrong call, here. The true felon here is the guy who still thinks asking for Grey Poupon is funny.(DListed)

Hayden Panettiere was at Comic Con last weekend, shaking hands with fans. Unfortunately for her, she was placed right next to the private Lara Croft virtual reality booth. (Celebslam)

And last but not least, this week's Still Got It award goes to Madonna, who is looking more and more like a zombie every day. Congratulations! (Celebslam)