When you're building the living hell out of the new Erie & Pennsylvania Line, you may not have time to keep up-to-date on your internet slang phrases. If, after a full day of putting pickaxe to rail spike (so to speak), you cannot find the words to contribute to your favorite gadget site, this reference guide is for you.

Lulz = I am heartily amused by your comment and/or photograph or other oeuvre. Please allow me to express my amusement tersely.

F1rst = Ahoy gents! I have successfully transmitted my electronic comment before any and all other similar comments. This statement of victory serves as a claim to internet territory, or somesuch.

Gaaaaaaaaaaay = Previous statements or media included above cause me heartache and great vexation. Note- this phrase also implies that either the aforementioned commentor or comment itself prefers homosexual romantic interaction.

Pwned/Pwnage = The adjective and noun forms of "Pwn,"- to express dominance or utter victory. A "pwned" person or object has recently met with overwhelming defeat, not unlike certain Chinamen in certain mountain rail tunnels.

l33t hax0rs = Those capable of extraordinary feats of electric and communication system manipulation. That damnable Whig, Zachary Taylor, is the antonym of l33t hax0r.